LITTER DUE APRIL 21 ST ! GO HOME IS JUNE (APPROX). WAITING LIST HAS BEEN STARTED ! Please email every 2 weeks !___________

Litter due May 9, 2021!!

second litter for summer.


February 7,2021-Litter


Vet Visit is on March 22

Go home is Saturday April 3rd.



12:30-Meghan- Maple

1:00 - Jeff-Olive

1:30- Bobbi-Joie



April 21st litter


Danielle( me)-Female

1.Devin-female -03/02

2.Sheiba-male- 02/18

3.Sharon-male/female- 02/18

4. Rachel- female/male- 02/18


6.Ellen H-male-03/01

7. Nancy C- male- 2/18

8.Debbie P- male 2/23

9. Alisha-male- 02/24

10.Deanna-male/female 02/24

11. Emily-male/female -03/02

12. Beverly-female/male 03/03

13.Jesus- female-03/03

May 9-Litter


2021 --Spring!!!


AKC Quality Beagles, DNA tested and profiled.
 Go to facebook and join other families that have pups from me!  Kane Ninekids Beagler : Is Facebook Page.
Puppies come with (included in price which is $1,400.00 per pup male or female, PLEASE SEE OUR PRICING POLICY. $400.00 NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit to Reserve pup.
*Health Record (1st shots done by a licensed Vet) *AKC PAPERS(LIMITED) *Puppy Kit * AKC Lineage Chart and * Health Guarantee Contract, and a stuffed toy that has there "Litter Scent" to go home with them !
Puppies pics are updated every Saturday or Sunday so you can and your family can watch your puppy change and grow while waiting for pick up day! **

  We accept visa & mastercard ,personal checks.    Paypal ( Friends & Family).




Facebook: Kane nine kids -Beagler. Best Way to Reach me is email. IF YOU HAVE made the list PLEASE EMAIL ME EVERY 2 WEEKS! make sure I reply. We need to speak before your on list.

Meet Crystal! ( If you haven't met her yet)  She has joined canine kids  She is my close friend and it's been awesome sharing my love of beagles with her !


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